March 12, 2017

Currently Reading: Undocumented

General, open-ended, no-mission library browsing is probably my favorite way to find new books. There's something exciting about letting titles call out to you which you have no prior knowledge of or biases toward. Sometimes it can go terribly wrong, like when I borrowed a book about intellectual freedom on college campuses and it turned out to be about feminists and gay people "ruining" the college experience with their emphasis on "equality" and "political correctness." (Yiiick.) Most times, thankfully, I remember to read the back of the book and look at a couple of pages before taking it to the check out counter, which helps to avoid unfortunate situations. I came across Aviva Chomsky's Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal while browsing, and given our current political landscape, I'm sure I don't need to explain why it caught my eye. I told Amy about Undocumented before I read it--I had some other books to finish first--and she's already read AND reviewed it. I'm currently only on the introduction (page 18, to be specific), but so far it's engaging and highly readable. I look forward to finishing so I can read Amy's review and discuss it with her. Pro-tip if you find yourself dragging your feet on a book you want to read: get your pal to read it first and kindly poke you repeatedly to catch-up.

Next up: I have no idea. Maybe something with an uplifting title, like Women as Wartime Rapists or Doctors From Hell. Or maybe fiction; I find it harder to get myself to read fiction, but I really want to!

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  1. I am especially happy that you do such general, open-ended browsing because your picture featuring Undocumented got me to read not only it, but also pick up another 4-5 books on immigration policies and borders and so far I am really loving them all! I'm looking forward to your finishing it :D

    Your next selections though... not sold on them yet. They look possibly too much for me right now. But I'm wavering more on Women as Wartime Rapists than the first time I saw you mention it sooooo...